Saturday, October 20

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Cain’s Mark of Peace: Reading Gen 4:1-16 in light of Gen 3:6-24 West Lecture RoomJ. Richard Middleton • Christopher Landon The Conflict Narratives in Exodus 2 and the Spiritual Formation of Moses as a Peacemaking Warrior West Lecture RoomJ. Richard Middleton • Igal German The Old Testament as Ecclesiological Textbook and the Conquest Narratives West Lecture RoomJ. Richard Middleton • Shaun C. Brown Violence to the Chosen as a Point of Entry: War and Peace Start with God’s Own West Lecture RoomJ. Richard Middleton • Josh Arp Boycotting the Mission School East Lecture RoomLee Beach • Anthony Seigrist Peace and Violence in the Bible and the Qu’ran: Some Recent Studies East Lecture RoomLee Beach • Ian Ritchie Will Russia Conquer the World? The Maritime Baptists Coverage of the Korean War East Lecture RoomLee Beach • Gordon Heath ‘We Stand On Guard for Thee’? An Exploration of Ecclesial Identity, Nationalism, and Violence in The United Church of Canada Leonard HallLee Beach • Morgan Bell A Good Samaritan in times of killings: The Philippine Church’s pastoral response to war-ondrugs and extra judicial killings Cody LibraryShannon Baines • Anthoni Jeorge Paul’s Missiology of Conscience for a Facebook Age: A Coleridgean Reading of 2 Cor 1:3-4:6 Cody LibraryShannon Baines • J. Gerald Janzen Prayers of Disorientation and Their Legitimate Adjuvant Expressions: A Biblical and Pastoral Theology Cody LibraryShannon Baines • James J. S. Harrichand Divine Violence and God’s Transcendence: The Interpretive Use of the Law of Contradiction in Irenaeus of Lyons and Contemporary Evangelical Proposals Leonard HallAugust Konkel • Ryan Smith Israel’s History as a Post-Exile Critique of Political Power Leonard HallAugust Konkel • Jamin Hübner Redeeming God from Redemptive Efforts Leonard HallAugust Konkel • Michael Reardon The Incarnation & The Iconoclast: A Theological Framework of Hope in the Midst of Suffering and Abuse Leonard HallAugust Konkel • Allison Quient

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Capital Punishment and Human Dignity: Inviolate Principles and Penal Justice in the ‘Book of the Covenant’ (Exodus 20:1-24:8) West Lecture RoomMarion Taylor • Matthew Waterman It Seemed Good to the Holy Spirit and to Us’ (Acts 15:28): Toward a Creational Pneumatic Hermeneutic West Lecture RoomMarion Taylor • J. Richard Middleton Of Demons and Death on a Cross: Reviewing Divine Satisfaction in the Gospel of Mark West Lecture RoomMarion Taylor • Justin Andrew James Comber Entering the Bloody Abyss: Unmasking Biblical Themes in Slayer East Lecture RoomLee Beach • Shannon Baines Peace and War in Chinese Families: A Theological Reflection on Mark 3:35 Based on a Single Mothers’ Group in an Anglican Church in Hong Kong East Lecture RoomLee Beach • Tracy Yip Reinhold Krause’s Sportpalast Speech, 1933: Antisemitism, Violence, and Invective against the Old Testament East Lecture RoomLee Beach • David Clark An Apology for John Chrysostom’s Interpretation of Abram’s Deception of Pharaoh Cody LibraryAugust Konkel • Robert Edwards Preaching to the Spirits in Prison (1 Pet 3:18–22): Christ as a Second Enoch Cody LibraryAugust Konkel • Dustin Burlet Reading Habakkuk with Luther and Calvin: Faithful Exposition in Times of Trouble Cody LibraryAugust Konkel • David Fuller Violence and the Foundations of Place Leonard HallJamin Hübner • Ryan Turnbull Violence and the Lie: Falsity and the Unveiling of Violence in René Girard and Karl Barth Leonard HallJamin Hübner • Ben MacDonald Violent Anthropology Reproached: Irenaeus of Lyons on the Imago Dei Leonard HallJamin Hübner • Don Springer “Oil to the Fire”: Bayle’s Response to Jurieu’s Interpretations Inciting Violence Leonard HallJamin Hübner • Parker Cotton

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